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Geshe Namgyal’s Background

Tibetan-born Geshe Dangsong Namgyal achieved his Geshe Ph.D from Tibet, India, and Nepal after 25 years. Geshe Namgyal is a researcher of Tibetan history, culture and religion, and has presented at numerous conferences and seminars in many countries, and has written nine books in the Tibetan. In 2013 Geshe Namgyal came to California to teach dharma, Buddhist philosophy and meditation. He teaches Nature of Mind meditation in the Dzongchen tradition to his own group, Kunsang Gar, which means goodness to all, everywhere, at all times and in all circumstances (Gar means camp or place,) in Corralitos and Capitola in Santa Cruz county. This practice does not promote any special religion; whatever religion, country, race, gender or view is accepted… it is all good and for the good. More details here Link