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Kunsang Gar Especial Events in November

25 October 2016, Tuesday

Natural Mind Meditation in the Dzogchen Tradition November 12, 2016  10 am -5 pm Natural Mind meditation is from Dzogchen in the Bon and Tibetan Buddhist traditions. What this ancient knowledge teaches is that we already have a purity of Natural Mind and all of its qualities but we aren’t…

Kunsang Gar Meditation Subject.

15 May 2016, Sunday

Kunsang Gar Meditation Subject.  Four Inconceivable Qualities: · Passed beyond View · Passed beyond Meditation · Passed beyond Action · Passed beyond Result Natural Mind is beyond mind, like space on a moonless, cloudless night.  One can’t conceive of just how vast it is.  It is without end, or measurement. We can scarcely imagine…