Geshe Dangsong Namgyal

In the current generation, when most of the countries are vying to develop mass destructive weapons, the world and human survival are at great risk of extinction. To prevent such crisis, there is a strong need of religious teaching, compassion and altruism. If people embrace such needs then there is a possibility of peaceful co-existence, freedom and security for entire humanity. Culture and religions we practice today is an achievement...


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Teaching Activity

  • Tibetan grammer and literature
  • Buddist logic and epistemology
  • Madhyamika philosophy


Sera Jay Monastery

Sera Jay Monastery

In South India

The history of Sera Jey Monastery dates back…
Triten Norbutse Monastery

Triten Norbutse Monastery

In Kathmandu Nepal

Triten Nobutse Monastery was established in the fourteenth…