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''Revealing the majestic awareness of the natural mind, one conquers the kingdom, seizes the throne, and holds the royal seat.  Delusion disappears and the sun comes to the darkness.''

“Its positive qualities are inconceivable, like revealing a king’s treasure.  The one who rests within its true meaning enjoys the inexhaustible wealth of its fruition.”



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Teaching Activity

  •   meditation 
  •  stages of the path
  •  Paramita. (Perfection)
  •  Madhayamika. (Middle Path)
  •  Tibetan grammer and literature
  •  Buddist logic and epistemology


Sera Jay Monastery

Sera Jay Monastery

In South India

The history of Sera Jey Monastery dates back…
Triten Norbutse Monastery

Triten Norbutse Monastery

In Kathmandu Nepal

Triten Nobutse Monastery was established in the fourteenth…